Cloth Diapering…What Worked For Us

Hey Everyone, Happy Tuesday!

I just wanted to take some time and show/tell y’all how cloth diapering worked for our family! I knew I wanted to cloth diaper before I even got pregnant, so I started building my stash. I would buy diapers if they were on sale, of course they were all gender neutral. There are SO many different types of diapers out there, thank goodness for my good friend who was cloth diapering her children, she answered ALL of my questions!

After looking at all the diapers, I figured out that all in ones would be the best diapers for us. I’ve got a mixture of diapers; Fuzzi Bunz, BumGenius, Alva Baby. Not only do you have to think about diapers but also the inserts. I have two different types of liners; microfiber and bamboo. (Bamboo is my favorite, I’ll explain later)

Storage of my diapers, is pretty simple, all of my diapers are hanging inside of Lettie’s closet in a over the door shoe organizer. This isn’t the exact one I have but you get the picture. I just stuff them, roll them and stick them in a hole. Easy Peasy.


Also, inside the closet I have space for extra liners, my disposable diapers (we still use those at night), and just some random things.IMG_6679

Lettie’s changing table is a desk. (all of the furniture in her room use to be mine, including the crib which is 26 years old). What I typically do when Lettie needs a change is; lay her on the changing pad, take the diaper off, wipe her off, put diaper in wet bag, then place new diaper on. The good news about all of this is, it is ALL within arms reach so I don’t have to leave her on her changing pad.

When I was diapers I keep about 4-5 out that are stuffed and ready to go and place them in the top right drawer of the desk . The wet bags are hanging off the side of the crib, I have one big on and one little one. So once I take the wet/soiled diaper off I just place it straight into the wet bag. I don’t have to soak/get the poop out of diapers just yet because Lettie is strictly breastfed and breast milk is water soluble, so I can just through the diaper straight into the wash. Here is my set up! On top of the desk is the changing pad, wipes, and butt cream.

I try to wash her diapers every other day. If you wait much longer you may deal with smells and mold.

Here is a picture/throwback of my cutie pa tootie in her cloth diaper! 🙂 She was just a little over a month old in this picture, and the cloth diaper was still a little to big for her legs.



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