34 Weeks Pregnant!

It’s so hard for me to believe that I am 34 weeks pregnant today and only about 6 weeks away from meeting our sweet little girl. I have LOVED being pregnant and I sure am going to miss all of her sweet kicks, jabs, and rolls. Alright, alright let me rewind about 31 weeks because y’all know nothing about my pregnancy!

DSC_0072 copy
Maternity photo shoot. 4/23/16. Photo by: Tiffany Talley Photography

My husband and were planning for a baby, although you are never really ready for a baby, we were ready. Does that make sense? Actually my husband knew that I was pregnant before I did. I had went to the grocery store over the weekend and bought pickles (which isn’t weird because I love pickles), but I was just eating all these pickles out of the jar. Justin saw me eating them and said “You’re pregnant!” I told him that I wasn’t pregnant that I just wanted some pickles.

3 days later at 9pm, before my missed monthly visitor, I decided to take a test. Even though it was faint, there was a TWO lines there. I put the test where Justin couldn’t see it, and decided that I would retest in the morning before he woke up just to make sure I saw two lines again! Sure enough, there were two lines again! Justin loves to sleep and is literally the hardest person to wake up in the mornings. I woke him up that morning saying “It’s time to wake up daddy!” He popped up out of bed so fast it wasn’t even funny! I showed him the test and he was just beyond excited.

The beginning of my pregnancy was very rough. I was very nauseous and sick all the way until my second trimester. I couldn’t eat fruits, veggies, or meats. I was basically a carbnivore because thats all that wouldn’t make me feel sick. I tried everything that you could think of to help with this.The two things that ended up working the best were the Sea Band and Preggie Pop Drops. I was so sleepy all the time, heck I still am. They say that the you get more energy in the second trimester but I didn’t!

The second trimester was a breeze, besides being exhausted. I first felt our baby girl kick really hard at 21 weeks! That was the most amazing feeling right there. The third trimester   has been pretty easy so far. The worst thing is not sleeping well, getting up the use the restroom in the middle of the night, and I have had some pretty rough back/hip pain.

3D/4D ultrasound at 31w5d! Done at Tiny Toes Imaging!

As it gets closer to delivery, I get more nervous. I am wanting to do an all natural birth with no Epidural, needles never bother me, but that big of a needle going into my back does. BUT I am going into labor with an open mind because I want to be able to enjoy my birth and if I can’t handle the pain, I will get the Epidural.

Before we know it, these last 6-ish weeks are going to fly by and we will be holding our sweet girl in our arms.


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