Organic vs Processed


Justin and I have LOVED being in control of what we buy to eat. Although, going to the grocery store every week is a little annoying. When we first got married we watched a movie that made us think about what EXACTLY we were putting into our bodies, this movie is called Food Inc.

We try to buy as much Organic and All Natural (simple ingredients only) products only. Although, sometimes if the product says that is is all natural DOESN’T mean that it is “all natural!” You have to read the ingredient list and if you see more than 3 ingredients and you can’t pronounce the names, chances are that product is NOT organic/natural.

The scariest part about Food Inc. was when they talked about the meat. When you look at the labels they¬†say no hormones or steroids added, but many companies falsify what is in the ingredients. There is no law saying that a label has to say if it is cloned meat or not. We almost¬†didn’t buy any meat in the store until we noticed that there was all natural chicken from Tanglewood Farms in winston salem. All natural means free range, grass feed, no hormones or steroids. I looked it up online real fast to make sure that they just¬†weren’t advertising and it be a lie.¬†These days chickens are grown in 48 days instead of the 70 days because they are pumped ¬†full of steroids and hormones; the movie will tell you all about this. This website¬†shows you 18 facts from Food Inc that everyone should know!

The hardest part of eating an organic/all natural diet is the price, with us trying to live frugally, we have had to up our grocery budget. BUT not by too much, if you shop the weekly ads at your grocery store then you can get out at a pretty decent price. It is very hard to find coupons for these types of items, but it is do-able. My favorite store to shop at is Harris Teeter!
One of the biggest things to remember is when you are the grocery to shop around the perimeter of the grocery store and not in the middle. Although I am guilty of shopping in the middle (I did say that we ate mostly organic/all natural foods), I like to get the majority  of my food on the perimeter.

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